Kaptur Leading Kucinich in Fund Raising; Accused Syrian Spy Admits Kucinich Fact-Finding Story Was BS


Update: The AP reports that when the accused Syrian spy said he was on a fact-finding mission organized by Dennis! Kucinich he simply misspoke. Prosecutors say he wasn't on the trip at all.


When the Ohio GOP unleashed the new district map for the Buckeye State, Dennis! Kucinich had a renewed hope of winning his seat back in the next elections. Patching together Marcy Kaptur's Toledo claim with Kucinich's home in Northeast Ohio via a long, winding sliver of land running along Lake Erie, the stage was set for a Kaptur vs. Dennis!, incumbent vs. incumbent battle royale for all the marbles.

After flirting with the West Coast and Washington's newly created seat, Dennis! squared his sights back in Ohio. And Kucinich, who never really had to do anything more than throw up 2 or 3 yellow-and-black Dennis! billboards to win before, now faces an actual challenge.

The AP reports that battle is leaning toward Kaptur in the early fund-raising stages, but Dennis! says he can back up the money truck to the voters at any time and fill up.

New reports filed with federal regulators show that U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur has far more campaign cash in the bank than U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich , her expected Democratic primary opponent.

The filings with the Federal Elections Commission show that Kaptur had nearly $605,000 on hand as of Sept. 30, while Kucinich had around $90,000 in his account.

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