Keith Woolner Chatted at Baseball Prospectus

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Keith Woolner, inventor of VORP and the Indians own Bill James, chatted on Baseball Prospectus about a bunch of things. Well worth the full read even though he can't get into anything too specific about his work with the Tribe and proprietary information on stats or projects.

Two of the more entertaining Q & A's:

eliyahu (Elazar, Israel): Hand on heart: Whom do you root for when the Sox play the Indians?

Keith Woolner: Eliyahu alludes to my prior well known affinity for the Red Sox, whom I had rooted for since I was a kid growing up in New Hampshire.

Hand on heart, I root for the Indians now. I got tested pretty early on, since I joined the Indians during the 2007 season, and we faced the Red Sox in the ALCS. I was actually a little surprised how quickly my perspective changed. I guess my loyalty can be bought. :-)

As you might imagine, there's a connection to a team that you actually contribute to in a tangible fashion, working each day next to great people trying to help that same team, that goes beyond what even the most devoted fan can feel.


bigrick0016 (Cleveland): I am a Cleveland sports fan. So as such, I am a bitter, angry, pathetic and broken shell of a person. I would like to tell you... please, for the love of all that is holy win something. Please?

Keith Woolner: I think that's actually Chris Antonetti telling me to get back to work.

(Hat tip to Let's Go Tribe)

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