Kevin Kelley is the Platonic Ideal of White Guy Dance Moves

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Ward 7 Councilman, former mayoral candidate and current Kevin Kelley backer Basheer Jones posted a video to Instagram from the Ward 7 Senior Ball Sunday night featuring Jones and Kelley dancing back to back.

It has quickly made the rounds, as Justin Bibb supporters share the video with their networks, experiencing emotions ranging from disbelief to awe to horror.

Experience it for yourself above! 

Here at Scene, we won't fault Kelley for his white guy dance moves. We've witnessed that indecision with the hands, in particular, at one too many weddings. Though we acknowledge his awkwardness is heightened next to the lithe and velvet-clad Jones.

Support for or opposition to Kelley should be based on his track record at City Hall, and absolutely not on these dance moves. Kevin Kelley and his coalition have underscored that he is the candidate of the streets, and these dance moves should not be interpreted one way or the other as reflective of his policy positions affecting said streets. (THOUGH IT SURE IS TEMPTING TO DO SO!!!) We must be disciplined, set stereotypes aside, and remember: Good, joyful dancers can be boardroom candidates. Bad, timid dancers can be street candidates.

Plus, campaign seasons tend to overflow with corny shit like this. Please: don't vote for or against Kelley based on this performance. Look deeper, as Kelley often pleads. Look at what he's done on council.

That said, the video is incredible.

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