Kid Cudi Shocks Fans with Major Career Announcement During Interview this Weekend

Shaker Heights native says new "Entergalactic" album may be his last, at least for now.

click to enlarge Kid Cudi performs at Moon Man's Landing Festival - Marissa McDowell
Marissa McDowell
Kid Cudi performs at Moon Man's Landing Festival

It’s been quite a busy 2022 for local star Kid Cudi. From a public spat with former collaborator and friend Kanye West to a global tour that culminated in a massive homecoming in the form of an inaugural music festival, he’s certainly shown no signs of fading from the public eye. Given the success of his recent projects, the announcement he made during an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe is likely to come as quite a surprise to fans.

During the interview, which mainly focused on the Shaker Heights native’s brand new “Entergalactic” album and accompanying Netflix series of the same name, he delivered the bombshell news that he “kind of wants to be done with it [music].”

When Lowe pressed him further on the statement, Cudi expounded by saying he was “closing the chapter on Kid Cudi” for much the same reason that he made “Entergalactic”: He was “bored making albums, doing an album, making two music videos and that’s it,” he said. “I wanted to do something epic and different, and now that I’ve done that I have other desires, other things I want to do.”

He detailed some of his new career aspirations in the areas of fashion, television and movies, and shared that fatherhood was another motivating factor in his decision to enter the next phase of his career.  He said he wanted to nurture the relationship between him and his daughter as she embarks on high school.

Cudi put a bow on the conversation by summarizing his career as, “an amazing ride.” After eight full-length studio albums, multiple mixtapes and numerous side projects, he’s certainly earned a break.

Still, fans should take note that during the interview he did mention that he couldn’t see himself "never making music," saying he’ll always do things “here and there,” which teases the possibility of collaborations or short EPs in the future. One mystery that still looms after such a major career announcement, seemingly out of left field for most fans, is what this means for the Moonman’s Landing festival series.

When the festival took place a few weeks back on September 17, it was conceived as the first annual event. He promised one fan on Twitter that the it would return next year. Considering its success, fans and city stakeholders alike are surely keeping their fingers crossed that he plans to return despite phasing into the next stage of his career.

In the meantime, Cudi fans can enjoy his new Netflix animated series, “Entergalactic” that’s already pretty highly acclaimed, with a score of 93 on Rotten Tomatoes. The album that accompanies the series is also available on digital music streaming platforms.

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