Letters published November 3, 2004

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Krautbawlin'. . .
Scene, that hotbed of Republicanism:
Are you absolutely daft, or are you just some sort of tightass xenophobe [First Punch, October 20]? Perhaps you were under the impression that Akron is a bastion of culture. FYI, this is a great opportunity for the myopic (like you) and the genuinely arts-inclined to experience things they may never have had the chance to.

I respect your opinion, but you are expressing the very nationalist ideals that you’re trying to pin on a nation trying so hard to shake off the stigma of a madman and his followers. I bet you’re a Republican too and have added Germany to your axis of evil. Think before you speak, freak.

Dawson Steeber

Jerkin’ the knee to the PC polka: Has freedom of the press evolved into the spreading of racism, hatred, and suspicion? Obviously the author wanted to evoke just such feelings. I am outraged and very saddened that the cultural heritage of a people living in our area is not embraced. Are Scene and the people of Cleveland and Akron advocating the sentiments of this author against the German culture and its people?

Gabriele Biermann Bernhardt
Parma Heights

Let’s make one thing fractionally clear: In an 1887 address in the Reichstag, Bismarck blustered: “We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.” Over a century later, such brassy oratory is occasionally still heard and mistaken for patriotism.

So Akron is hosting a one-sided “cultural exchange” in which real, live “Krauts” — artisans and craftsmen — will make a monetary killing. Our prudently anonymous Punch seemingly doubts whether German culture truly rises above the level of knickknacks and apple strudel. Well, I’m just a quarter German and therefore probably have just three-quarters the humor Punch expects. But that is quite enough, thank you.

William Dauenhauer

Gay and Gray
On the defensive:
If you can't speak positively, then don't speak at all ["Home Sweet Homo," October 20]. There are many gays and lesbians in support of such communities, I being one. Your article, while aimless, was also derogatory. You play into that old adage that homosexuality = sex offender. That is so right-wing. Catherine McLeod
Cleveland Heights

The old folks need a hand: I think this is a neat idea. I never took the time to think about older homosexuals who were leaving the workforce or who will become dependent in their old age. I know America is concerned about elderly heterosexuals, but I don't think America ever thought about elderly homosexuals. I never thought that there would be no young person around to get them to their doctor appointments and see that their property is cared for or their medicine is taken properly.

Elizabeth Vincent

It takes the community to make a home: I want to express my great objection to Denise Grollmus's reporting on the A Place For Us retirement-development project in Cleveland. I had hoped that she would pick up the sense that any development is not an easy task. All the work done thus far has been performed by volunteers.

We are trying to improve Cleveland in our small way. That is what is worth reporting. Yes, we are facing a struggling economy and a political climate that denies basic human rights to gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual individuals. And since we already face these factors, we are committed to doing something constructive amid all the opposition put in our way.

Linda Krasienko

Bozo Exposed
Scam artist covered lots of territory:
Nice article ["Westerly Winds," October 20]. We have received numerous faxes from this same "Steven West," and the clients that sent them to us are just as unhappy as Schalmo. Great writing. Hope lots of people see the article.

Brad Diana
Peoria, Arizona

Chill Out
As long as they get their sex and violence:
In the October 13 issue of Scene, editor Pete Kotz received a great deal of patriotic flak over his parody of President George W. Bush ["Country Club Swagger," September 22] from a number of male readers. These frustrated machos need to grab a 40-ounce and relax! They will get their immoral and illegal war in Iraq, regardless of who our president is.

Tallis George-Munro

Cop Talk
A SWAT guy oughta know:
A blanket statement can be a dangerous thing ["Ban? Bam!", October 6]. Cleveland Police Lieutenant Wayne Drummond says that "assault weapons are used by the armies of the world to kill." I wonder whether he considered the fact that the CPD SWAT team also uses assault weapons.

We know that soldiers use assault weapons because they intend to kill the enemy. So should we now question the SWAT team's intent when they deploy with the same weapons?

David Koch

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