Kucinich/Kaptur Colleagues Won’t Take Sides

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Sherrod Brown: Keep me out of this!
  • Sherrod Brown: "Keep me out of this!"

The primary result everyone in northeast Ohio will be watching March 6 is the winner of the Democratic congressional race in the new 9th district. That’s the one that pits incumbents Marcy Kaptur and Dennis! Kucinich against each other. On March 7, one of them will be a lame duck starting to plan for a post-congressional career. (The other will laugh all the way to an epic landslide victory over Joe the Plumber in November in this heavily Democratic-tilted district).

Their fellow congressperson from the Cleveland area, Marcia Fudge, is staying out of it. When asked if she would avoid issuing an endorsement, she said, “Absolutely. They’re both my colleagues, and I have the greatest respect for both of them.”

Senator Sherrod Brown feels the same way. At a meeting of the Parma Democrats last week, he praised his counterparts in the House for working with him to benefit northeast Ohio. He name checked Kaptur, who is from Toledo, along with Kucinich and Fudge, an obvious expression of his neutrality. A staff member confirmed that he “definitely” is not endorsing one or the other. — Anastasia Pantsios

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