LA Times: Cleveland is Cool, Economically Speaking

Just dont call it a comeback.
  • Just don't call it a comeback.

Well, we lost a bet made with the guy who changes the Scene-mobile’s snow tires: it turns out the entire West Coast has not completely forgotten about us simple folk here in the frozen heartland. We were sure Californians only saw us as that patch of flyover smog on the red eye from LA to NYC. But no. The proof: the Los Angeles Times just ran a lengthy spread on our fair city — and the coverage, for once, was not some cheap-shot misery orgy about how we suck. Quiet the opposite, in fact.

The gist of this good piece is that Cleveland has weathered the Great Recession and shown more resiliency than other industry-dependent metro areas. Now . . . drum roll please, it’s actually a . . . wait for it . . . model for economic recovery, the city [FILL IN THE BLANK] wishes it could be.

A lot of this is foreplay associated with President Obama’s economic summit here on the shores of Lake Erie, but the Times makes a compelling argument about the political battle currently underway regarding what economic philosophy is responsible for the local bounce-back.

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