Ladies and Gentleman, We Might Have a Flash Mob on Our Hands

If your public disturbance has MGK, its most definitely a flash mob.
  • If your public disturbance has MGK, it's most definitely a flash mob.

Well, on the surface this seems to squeeze comfortably into the baggy definition of “flash mob” people were hysterical about tossing around last summer. Let's put the facts surrounding this police report from Strongsville Patch through the checklist for your standard factory-issue flash mob. Large amount of teens? Yup. Social media element? Oh yeah. Kids from Cleveland involved? Yes, sir.

Oh mother, we might really have an honest to God flash mob on our hands . . .

Let's continue.

Lots of public damage? Well, not really. Massive amount of injuries? Um, nope. Terrified suburbanites? Yes! Definitely . . . at least . . . the ones reading Patch at home . . .

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