Lake Erie Freezes, Masses Rejoice

Lake Erie from space? or a close-up of a Clevelanders eczema after two months of winter?
  • Lake Erie from space? or a close-up of a Clevelander's eczema after two months of winter?

It looks like county head Ed Fitzgerald’s administration has finally sacrificed enough virgin lambs, because, Ladies and Gentleman, the lake has frozen. That’s right, the big heaving fresh-water body to our north has finally been appeased by way of pagan rite, scientific yada yada yada, or plain ol’ weather patterns. Whatever the case, put away the slow plow. The worst is likely behind us.

The Plain Dealer brings the news. Citing experts at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, the paper reports that 90 percent of the lake’s surface has been capped with ice, likely shelving the lake effect snow for the season. The last 10 percent of open water is clinging to the Canadian shore in the northeast corner of the lake, and until that final sliver is slammed shut, some Erie-born precipitation is possible.

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