Lakewood Police Respond to False Urination Report

Lakewood police leapt into action May 29 after receiving a report of several men straight-up urinating out of the windows of an Alameda Avenue home.

The cops spoke with the woman who owns the home and stepped inside to investigate the scene.

It soon became clear that the homeowner's 20-year-old daughter has a morning ritual that had become a cause for suspicion in the neighborhood. When she wakes up each day, she throws a bunch of water out her window if, of course, there's still water in her glass from the night before.

For now, it tentatively appears, Lakewood is relatively safe from the scourge of window pissers.

Cleveland Heights, on the other hand...

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Eric Sandy

Eric Sandy is an award-winning Cleveland-based journalist. For a while, he was the managing editor of Scene. He now contributes jam band features every now and then.
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