Lakewood Resident Spots UFO

It begins.
  • It begins.

If you were a little green dude from space looking to make a first contact in Northeast Ohio, would you really aim that flying saucer at Lakewood? Land of dive bars and the Gold Coast as a landing strip for visitors?

That might be a theory gaining traction in the UFO community. Lakewood just had a UFO sighting last week, according to Patch. It’s the second sighting in the last year. Once, noteworthy; twice, suspicious.

The most recently sighting happened Thursday at around 11:30. An unknown resident reported the incident on UFO Stalker, which is like the online fan log for people coming face-to-face with potential sightings. Via Patch:

“I thought this may be Sirius, but then noticed it was ascending in the sky at jumped up about 60 degrees in approximately 45 seconds and hovered there for a LONG time,” the resident reported. “Not the most exciting encounter I know, but I feel it should be reported.”

At first, the resident reported thinking it was an airplane, but “to my surprise, it never came any closer."

"I thought it may be a star, but a star doesn't move up in the sky that quickly and then just stop. It just ascended and hovered there. It was really bright and large for the distance to be any sort of plane. If it were a plane, it would to have (come) overhead and some point.”

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