Lakewood Residents Come Out Against McDonalds (Updated)

Get this corporation off my back.
  • "Get this corporation off my back."

Update: The Lakewood Planning Commission gave the OK for the McDonalds to be built at the corner of Detroit and Woodward. The decision last night came despite the vocal effort of residents to keep the Golden Arches out of the location. Lakewood Patch says construction will begin soon.


The push home yesterday in Lakewood was a bit of a creep thanks to drivers rubbernecking at corporate protesters. This wasn't a new Occupy Wall Street branch voicing their angst over big banks and the like, but an effort on the part of neighbors to slam the breaks on a McDonalds that's scheduled to go in on the corner of Woodward and Detroit. These people, you can imagine, are not lovin' it.

Yeah, yeah, we know, but you would have made that joke, too.

According to WTAM, about 50 people showed up to voice their displeaure. The project — which would go in the old Detroit Theater — isn't set in stone just yet: the city's planning commission will take up the matter tonight.

Now that this whole Occupy Wall Street fad has died down, it's good to see people getting back to targeting corporations only when it matters, that is when they're trying to sling fries within a ten minute walk.

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