Learn About Farts, Boogers and Puke at the Great Lakes Science Center 'Grossology' Exhibit

click to enlarge Learn About Farts, Boogers and Puke at the Great Lakes Science Center 'Grossology' Exhibit
Courtesy of Great Lakes Science Center

As much as the human body is a miraculous instrument capable of many things, they are also super disgusting and filled with hilarious attributes like farting, burping, puking and producing snot. These disgusting topics are usually a major focus of fascination for children, but may be seen as too yucky for adults to properly explain.

Luckily, the Great Lakes Science Center has a new exhibition to help teach your curious kiddos why and how our bodies have necessary and sometimes gnarly natural functions.

Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body exhibit is a hands-on educational approach to some of the less-than-mature subjects regarding the human body. For example, visitors can become a dust particle and walk through the inside of a giant nose to learn about air filtering, olfaction and mucus production.

Are you addicted to watching pimple popper videos on YouTube? Well, GLSC has a climbing wall imitating human skin complete with warts, hairs, pimples, wounds and hairs to give an up close and personal look at the epidermis layer.

Other exhibits include helping a giant robot burp after drinking pop, a faucet-man dripping snot, a pinball machine that feeds a fake pig different items to show what foods cause more gas production and lead to farts, a gigantic version of an Operation style game to remove organs and even a Vomit Center complete with a Rube-Goldberg style chain reaction to educate on the many reasons people puke.

Grossology is based on the children's book of the same name by Sylvia Branzei and is described as "science in disguise." By making these gross-out exhibitions fun and game-like, children are more apt to retain the information, because it's presented in a positive, affirming and fun way.

While the exhibits are geared with younger visitors in mind, this is not a kid's only event. Grossly curious adults are also welcome to visit and interact as well.

The Grossology exhibit is available with general admission to the Great Lakes Science Center now until Jan. 6. For more information and how to purchase tickets to GLSC, visit the website here
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