LeBron muses on the league's loudest trash talkers

The LeBron James press gaggle, which happens daily before games and after practices, has a tendency to be amazingly dull. Unlike the rest of the Cavaliers, who reporters can approach in the locker room and corner individually after practice, James does all of his talking at once each day, and for obvious reason: if he didn’t, he’d never get his shorts on. But with the hoard of beat writers and TV guys hovering around him, the conversation almost always meanders toward the Obvious Storyline of the Day – how his (insert ailing body part) is feeling, what the team needs to do to stop (insert next opponent), how his general awesomeness is progressing, and so on. And because reporters have been following James since not long after he dribble-drove out his way out of the womb, he’s pretty much fluent in Vague Athletic Platitude-ese. ... Occasionally, though, the conversation will slip to a topic James hasn’t rehearsed, and that’s when it can get amusing. ...
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