Let's Check In With Frank Jackson's Well-Oiled Communications Teams

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The mayoral election is just five days away, which means there has been a flurry of requests for interviews and information both about Frank Jackson's campaign and City Hall business, like the recent hiring of convicted wife beater Lance Mason, that may affect how voters decide on Nov. 7th.

While they may all have to do with Frank Jackson, there are different entities responsible for the queries depending on the nature of the question. City-related business is handled by the City Hall communications team and campaign-related business is handled by his campaign staff, including Acclaim LLC and Joe Mosbrook.

Anyone who's dealt with the city, especially recently, knows that you're lucky to get a response at all from Dan "Turn The Camera Off" Williams and company. Mosbrook isn't much better. Either way, shit needs to get done, or at least ignored by the right party.

Which brings us to yesterday.

Early in the afternoon, Mosbrook blasted an email out the reporters announcing that, until the election, all queries both campaign and City Hall-related should come through him.

"In an effort to expedite information to the media leading up the Cleveland mayoral election, with the understanding there has been an increase of media requests, we ask that reporters please contact Acclaim Communications regarding both campaign and City Hall issues," the email read.

A few hours later City Hall, in a note from Dan "I appreciate the question, but I've got other things going on, and this is pretty low on my list" Williams, said Mosbrook's email should be ignored.

"The e-mail sent by Joe Mosbrook of Acclaim was done without any authorization from City Hall. Any and all media requests for the City of Cleveland should continue to be sent to the Mayor’s Office of Communications," it read.

What the hell? Mosbrook, for his part, and despite being a spokesperson for the campaign responsible for answering questions, didn't respond to a request for comment from Scene.

Mosbrook's partner at Acclaim, Pete Baka, told Cleveland.com the note arose "from discussions in the campaign with the idea of trying to help simplify things. More and more lately, he said, the campaign has been getting questions about city business and the City Hall staff has been getting questions about the campaign."

"We thought we'd try to help out," Baka said. "City Hall said 'No, we don't want you to sort that out.'"

At least that conversation was professionally and privately handled and definitely not played out through public emails that make it seem like Jackson's communication staffs have no earthly fucking idea what they're doing.
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