Dont's Challenge My Memory
Let me begin by saying that I do appreciate the coverage that Scene granted me and my band through a feature story that ran in the November 19 issue.

However, I would like to address the quote that led off the story. The quote was taken out of context and was incomplete. During our phone conversation [John] Benson asked me what makes me any different from Michael Stanley or other Cleveland area bands that have strived for wider recognition. My response was "I am not in the same boat as Michael Stanley. Unlike mainstream or pop artists, I am playing roots music. I am not trying to have a hit song or make the radio. My career is not dependent upon pop charts or popularity. Obviously mass popularity would be nice, but if it is not achieved, I am confident that I will always have work because roots music will always have an audience. I don't expect to get rich, but I will work, whether it is in a coffeehouse, on a college campus, or at a blues festival. Groups like Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, Hanson, etc. are flavor of the month and are here today, gone tomorrow."

Furthermore I stated, "The blues seems to always come around full circle. Every couple of years or so there is a renaissance where people search for their musical roots. So in that sense I am lucky."

I hope this complete answer will clear up any misconceptions that the partial quote created. Thank you.

Colin Dussault

Editor's note: Benson's interview with Dussault was tape-recorded to ensure accuracy of quoted material. Benson has since taped over the interview with Milli Vanilli music.

Love Them Ragers
Love the new website! As a former permanent/current part-time resident of Chagrin Falls, it was also great to read your article on Ace and the Ragers; they definitely deserve it. I'd like to suggest a future story on another Chagrin-based band if possible: Ascension. The group has been sharpening its insanely heavy hardcore/metal sound for years, and its live show is the epitome of exuberant loud intensity. (Craig Ramsey drums for Ascension as well as Ace and the Ragers.)

Keep up the good work!
Mark Mowls

Scene and the Rock Capital
As a working local musician, I am always interested in the local music scene and what all of my peers are doing. I have noticed that Makin' the Scene is buried in your new format. I also see that there seem to be fewer notices about local bands and their performances. On the web, it is now difficult to navigate to the Makin' the Scene section to read about the local acts. Please consider highlighting the Makin' the Scene section so that all of us (musicians and non-musicians alike) can easily read about the growing local music scene here in the so-called "Rock and Roll Capital of the World."

Charley Newcomer

PS: I would like to commend Butch Armstrong on his article "Don't Skimp on the Jam: Musicians Nights Keep the Area Scene Alive" (October 29). Well done, Butch!

I have been following Scene, and I do not like the new look or layout of the magazine, and I especially do not like the website. It is difficult to navigate, unlike the previous online version, which was much easier to read.

Also, what happened to the concert calendar? I looked forward to this each issue. Now, by the time I locate where you put the concert listings, I could just go to the Pollstar web page, type in Cleveland, and get a comprehensive list. You are alienating your longtime readers.

Scene, like the Buzzard, is an institution in Cleveland and must remain here to cover the entertainment scene, as always. I just hope that you don't let too many consultants try and "improve" the newspaper when all you are doing is hurting it and your loyal readership.

Dave Cackowski

Industry Type Calls for Rescue
I have been reading your magazine for many years, and I am not one to complain, but this is something I think I need to make my point clear on, and it should be taken care of immediately.

Since I have seen and heard other bad comments about the new Scene, I won't feel so bad. I have been in the music industry for years. And every Thursday, I can't wait to get my Scene. However, I am disappointed that when I went to pick up my Scene two weeks ago, I did not recognize it. I finally realized that the Scene has a new look, and I have to say, I do not think it's flattering. The old Scene was laid out better; the order of everything was much better! What happened to Makin' the Scene? The help wanted section looks like it belongs in the Tradin' Times. What's going on here?

Geez, if I were in a different type of work, maybe I'd be a little more understanding, but I am not, and the majority of your readers are in the same type of work as I am, so I am sure they miss the old Scene also. Can anything be done about this? Please let the old Scene come back! It needs to be rescued!

Allyssa Lynn Allison

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