Back up the Smut Truck
Once again David "I never voted in an election and am proud of it" Sowd displays his ignorance on current events. His "See No Evil" column [December 17] about pornography on the Internet makes one thing perfectly clear: He doesn't have kids and he never should. His equating today's perverted websites with a bare-breasted woman in National Geographic is a sad commentary on how out of touch he really is.

Where should we begin? Hardcore sex acts? Scenes of rape? Sodomy? Bestiality? Pedophiles? These are just a few of the wonderful websites that any child can access with a few mouse clicks. And he wants us to applaud the efforts of the ACLU to protect us from those "librarian Nazis" who would dare prevent my kids from viewing this?

Please explain to me again why we should demand our kids have access to these sites. Oh wait, that's right; according to Sowd, I'm sure most kids were doing research on "breast" cancer when they accidentally stumbled onto these sites. As for "Dad in Medina," for him to imply that he personally supervises all his children's activity on the Internet, he is either naive, a liar, or both.

Sowd's closing line somehow blaming parents for not supervising their kids is the typical liberal (read ACLU) answer to society's problems. Let's dump a truckload of smut on your doorstep: cable TV, Internet, billboards, and magazines (If I misinterpreted that when Melinda says she is "orally gifted" in the back of your fine weekly, I apologize), then tell the parents, "If you did a better job with your kids, they wouldn't be watching that stuff."

Sowd should stick to writing about things he knows best--hanging out in bars, dating, drinking, and hangovers. But please stay out of my life with your ignorant views on parenting.

Ron Stra

Thanks for Nothing
Thanks, Scene, for completely selling out. It's nice to know we can no longer depend on you for sincere articles and local coverage since you've been bought out. Now you are a big corporate magazine. Too bad you suck more than anything. You're almost original; nice Free Times ripoff.

I hope you are glad that everyone in Cleveland hates you, and how much you suck has become the talk of the town. Thanks for ripping us off, your loyal fans, when we've been there since Day One. I remember an issue of Scene about how nothing is actually locally done, like how our bands have to go to different cities to get big, and how our radio is owned by other cities. Thanks, now so is our freakin' magazine.

Eddie Fleisher

No Fooling Enuff Z'Nuff Fans
The next time you send someone out to cover a show, at least give them the right names of the band [Livewire, December 17]. First off the lead singer is, and always will be, Donnie Vie, not Chip Z'Nuff. Chip is the bassist and co-writer of virtually all of the group's songs. Another thing is to maybe have the person listen to the band's music so that he can at least give the correct titles of the songs. Here are the titles as listed by your reviewer and then the correct titles as they are on the records:

"Your Baby Loves You," "Baby Loves You"
"I'm Stoned," "Stoned"
"In My Life," "My Life"
"Coming Down," "Coming Home"
"High on a New Thing," "New Thing"
"If I Lose You," "Black Rain"

I agree with your writer on at least one point: namely that the band should be playing larger venues, although the Gund is being a little unrealistic. Any way you look at this performance, you gotta say it was unique. Thanks for at least making the decision to give this show some coverage.

Dave Cackowski

What Next? Ravens Coverage?
I just wanted to let you know, as a charter Scene reader, I do not like your new format. It is not the physical structure but the changes in content and context that I dislike--no--which I hate. As long as I can occasionally access some parts of Scene on the web, I will no longer bother to haul home a copy of your "new" ad-riddled Cleveland freebie-mag clone paper. You have discarded most of the only things that made it worthwhile to me, and now I find I discard it within minutes of opening it. Maybe it would sell in Baltimore.

Brian Criswell

A Gothic Apology
I deeply regret any unfulfilled expectations Celtic Goth Christmas ticket buyers had with the noticeable lack of promoted vendors at the event. When a business person employs a number of people, has an established store front in the area, and sells presale tickets to the event, I find it hard to excuse the absence.

Being a promoter of a music genre that is inclined to be criticized more than taken seriously, I cannot afford an infringement upon my credibility. I believe in what I am doing and the music that I promote, which I believe can be enjoyed by many. More than a hundred people who responded to the bands with enthusiasm helped further instill that hope to me.

If there is anyone who was disappointed with A Celtic Goth Christmas, please contact me via e-mail ([email protected]), or call the Euclid Tavern at 216-229-7788, and tell me how I can amend it for you.

Scott Gallagher
The Loon

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