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Keep It Up, Keep It Coming
I just finished Cleveland magazine's article "Boxing Match" in the March issue, about the war between Free Times and Scene. Why does this have to be a war? Or if it does have to be a war, can't a common enemy be irresponsible journalism?

I've read Scene for years, and initially, I didn't think I'd like the format change. But I like what I have seen thus far, and I think that plenty of room remains for more. I find it absurd that two papers are warring when they are both attempting to accomplish the same goal--the production of a quality publication to serve the interests of Clevelanders. I say that Scene's format change forced Free Times to improve its content and coverage, and the existence of both has forced the Plain Dealer to improve as well.

Competition is alive and well in Cleveland, and Clevelanders are reaping the benefits! Keep up the good work and keep it coming!

Stefni Fragapane
Broadview Heights

Pass the Sugar
What's with Scene's film reviews? Do the film reviewers like any movies without subtitles or Sundance nominations? Perhaps the "Candy-Coated Comedies" (Jawbreaker and Office Space) reviewed in the February 18 issue were not worthy of Academy Awards, but they were funny, down-to-earth movies that the average viewer can enjoy.

In general, I see movies that appeal to me, and then I read the reviews to see if the critic caught something I missed or could add some insight where I failed to notice anything. But when I read these types of reviews, I can't help but feel that my intelligence is being insulted, because I happen to enjoy what the critics would probably consider to be escapist films that don't contribute anything to society. Lighten up and enjoy a movie, folks. It doesn't have to change the world--it just has to be entertaining!

Andrew Smith

Thanks for the $$$$$
Congratulations on your new format. The changes have been interesting so far, and we're looking forward to more. I particularly like the coding system for the restaurant reviews--it helps me to know where I can afford to eat. A simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the film reviews also would be helpful.

I hope to see more local coverage--Lord knows this town needs it.
Nancy Krusoe

Ready, Aim, Litigate!
I was irritated to read Mouth's defense of the gun industry in the February 18 issue of Scene. Is the paper looking for new advertisers, like the NRA? Mayor Mike White's plan to sue the gun industry is, in my opinion, the single best thing he has done while being mayor.

Malcom Ryder

Pray for a Frontline Starter for the Tribe, While You're at It
I find your cartoon "Jesus of the Week" to be extremely offensive. I do not believe that you would ever run a cartoon with "Black of the Week," "Jew of the Week," etc. If this cartoon continues, I will not only stop picking up the paper myself, but I will strongly encourage everyone I know to also discontinue supporting this paper. Although I find it offensive, I will pray that the editors of Scene will see the error of their ways and remove it.

Rich Lanser
via the Internet

Art Review in Review
I thought I'd read quite enough write-ups of the Cleveland Museum of Art's exhibition of Diego Riviera: Art and Revolution, but I must admit that I enjoyed Charles Yannopoulos's review of the show. It appears that he did his homework, and much of what he said I had not read elsewhere. I often disagree with Yannopoulos's reviews, but he was right on the mark with this one.

Heather Talon

Manson's March from Hicksville
I would like to commend Ted B. Kissel on his February 11 feature "Marilyn Manson: the Florida Years." Although the article didn't change my opinion that Manson is just another shock-rock wannabe from a hicksville town in the Midwest, it still brought a smile to my conservative face.

Yanina Brodsky
Cleveland Heights

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