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What the Doctor Ordered

I wish to compliment you on Jacqueline Marino's article in the March 23 issue concerning the Free Clinic and health care in Cleveland ["Emergency Measures"]. The article was well-researched and clearly written. It accurately reported the evolving role of the Free Clinic and its struggle to provide health care to the medically underserved.

We at the Free Clinic are frantically applying Band-Aids to a seriously ill health care system. As the richest nation in the history of the world, we must take steps to turn the Clinic's motto into a reality: HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE.

Pete Cubberley, M.D.
Medical Director
The Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland

Nobody Rides for Free

God bless the staff and volunteers of the Free Clinic, and thank you, Jacqueline Marino and Scene, for publishing their plight. That clinic performs a true service to the community, and I am amazed that it is forced to overcome so many obstacles. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the local hospital closings, one really has to wonder about the future of American health care. It is refreshing to know that, through it all, the Free Clinic has remained true to its original goal. It's a simple goal, but it appears as though many have lost sight of it in the political/business- oriented nature of health care today.

Susan Decker

The Scene-Bubba Conspiracy

In response to "The verdict: Guns kill people," in letters, March 23:

Guns do kill people. Matches commit arson. Cars cause accidents. A wide variety of Craftsman brand tools conspire to execute auto thefts in North America. Nonetheless, medical equipment must be held blameless in cases of malpractice, for physicians fall into the unprotected group of the Too Rich and Truly Greedy. Such are the realities of Politically Correct Amerika.

One fine day, the misguided such as yourselves will wake up to the idea that THE GENIE CANNOT BE PUT BACK INTO THE BOTTLE. Guns outlawed? The bad guys can make them in their basements -- a cottage industry -- as was done before the Revolutionary War (remember that?). Disarming the good guys only increases crime, as evidence shows repeatedly. But of course, you do not wish to hear that.

I always thought that Scene, like Westword, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and other counterculture weeklies were anti-establishment, as I am. But when I see Scene conspiring with King Bubba to disarm the peasants, with their support and your blessing, I have to wonder . . .

C.E. Richards
via the Internet

Pretentious Was Its Name-O

Loved the Oscar Bingo [March 23]! It seems to be a new national pastime to mock the Academy Awards, but this was the most simple and funniest example I encountered. It's just too bad the Oscars can't lighten up enough to poke a little fun at themselves and be as entertaining as that piece!

Joe Robinson

A Fire Burns Inside Him

I am a Cleveland Firefighter, and I thought your article ["Burn, Baby, Burn," February 3] was pretty well-written and seemingly unbiased. I would, however, like to address a couple of the issues mentioned in your article.

First, it was mentioned that the Cleveland school system is somehow to blame for the lack of performance of minorities on the civil service entrance exam. I was a Cleveland public school "product"; my education ended before I finished the 10th grade. At some point I woke up, realized that I had a greater responsibility to my family, my community, and myself. I busted my butt and did well enough on the written test to finish in the top 10 overall -- and the man who actually finished first overall on that test was a minority.

Second, it was mentioned that it might be unfair that some people were allowed to attend private school while others were left with the hand dealt them. My view on this is that some parents do believe that -- no matter the sacrifice -- in order to give their children a better education, there is no price too great.

I really do believe that the residents of this great city do want the best qualified people to "serve and protect" them. If you really desire something in life, you will overcome whatever obstacles and adversity in order to obtain that goal, and those are the type of people we all want our children to emulate.

Name withheld upon request

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