Given your mention of the year 1964, I thought you would find it interesting that I attended that championship game with my father ["A Grumpy Old Man, A Grumpy Young Man, and a Ticket Stub From 1964," at '64 and Counting, the clevescene.com sports blog]. The seats cost $10 each. I was so excited that I swore I would carry the ticket stubs in my wallet until Cleveland won another championship in any sport.

Well, they are still in my wallet, where they have been for 46 years. I have literally carried them with me all that time. I took them out to "watch" with me the two Denver games and the Marlins World Series game, in hopes it would bring luck. Fat chance. When I show those stubs to friends, they are amazed and reverential, and they begin to understand the agony of being a true Cleveland sports fan.

David M. Rubin

Syracuse, New York


If winning a championship comes at the expense of a community's dignity by worshiping a rat like LeBron, it's not worth it. Nobody talks about the fact that he is an unmarried father. The fact that he won't make his kids legit speaks volumes about the guy. He's a cesspool of self-indulgence.

He accepted his two MVP awards in Akron — not Cleveland. What bigger insult should the city have to endure from this creep. You pay his salary, you fill the arena with fans, and you get a poke in the eye for your efforts. Cleveland, wake up. Rejoice when this bad actor takes his show somewhere else.

Jeff Greiner

Naples, Florida


"The Orchestra Pit" [May 5, 2010] mentioned the London Philharmonic Orchestra as being controversial. I was principal 1st horn in the LPO for 33 years, playing with all the music directors over that period. Some members of the orchestra did not like Franz Welser-Möst, but many — like myself — did, and we had many memorable concerts and recordings with him.

Many of the critics in London seem, like Plain Dealer critic Donald Rosenberg, to have a particular dislike of Franz, which I could never understand. To sample a little of Franz and the LPO, try the live recording from Vienna of Bruckner Symphony No. 5. Wonderful!

Nicholas Busch

Saffron Walden, County Essex, England


Franz Welser-Möst has his enemies, but he and Cleveland have received many good to great reviews all over Europe and the U.S.A., which the article chose not to mention. It is easy to show two reviewers disagreeing about the same concert. Believe whom you want — or better yet, go to the concert and decide for yourself.

The PD should not have reassigned Rosenberg just because the orchestra didn't like his reviews. On the other hand, the orchestra had no obligation to provide Rosenberg with privileges like an office in Severance Hall or backstage access. As for Rosenberg's claim that the reassignment basically ended his career — that sounds like an admission that he was a leech. Maybe he's mad because his annual expense-paid trips to Europe have been taken away from him.

Thomas Chambers

Lexington, Kentucky

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