Letters On: "Cleveland Heights Freaks Out, Cancels Arts Fest After Social Media 'Chatter'"

Cleveland Heights has bent over and surrendered to fear and the taxpaying, law-abiding citizens suffer. The art fest should have proceeded with a strong police presence. This would have deterred any teenage punks from causing problems. The teenage thugs win and are emboldened by the lack of trust in the cities police department in handling situations like this. You can tell by the comments from the South Euclid chief that he was trying to be politically correct and not say anything too negative about Cleveland Heights decision. Thugs 1 C.H. 0

—Voice of Reason

How about Shaker Heights? They've cancelled their Fourth of July fireworks, something they've done for decades, over problems with unruly mobs of young people. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten this. It's probably the same kids. The irony is that by their behavior, these kids have caused the cancellation of two events that they seem to enjoy - or why would they show up? No doubt though, they are too stupid to figure this out. As they ruin more and more events they will be cancelled and they'll no doubt whine, "There's nothing to dooooooo!"


On: "Can We Have Real Growth in Ohio City, Please?"

I don't know if Mr. Nosse is right or wrong in his views, but the article/interview would have been more constructive if Mr. Nosse provided and Mr. Allard pushed for more concrete examples of what separates a great city from a okay city, other than to say (and I'm paraphrasing because I have poor reading comprehension) because a place has a lot of eateries/bars and an increasing amount of white people it is not a great city. The number of locally owned and small business appears to be a good direction. Additionally, the mixed income housing idea is intriguing from a whatever "diversity" is perspective, but usually only one group finds it appealing...lower income households.


Wow, what a snob. The City Planning Commission of Cleveland showed the demographic breakdown in Ohio City in 2010 (among the three highest groups) to be 41 percent white, 32 percent black and 22 percent Hispanic. The ages and income levels are just as wide-ranging. There is an incredible mix of small businesses, owned by local business owners. Not to mention the West Side Market, where you can hear a number of different languages whenever you walk through. And that's sterile? Alex, you sound like a hipster snob. I agree completely with Camilo's comment above—you can't criticize young white people for living in the suburbs and then also criticize them for living in the city.


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