Letters On: "Ohio Bank Forecloses on Wrong Home, Repossesses Innocent Woman's Stuff"

That bank is going to owe way more than 19,000 if this thing goes to court and that is where it should go if they refuse to admit full fault and pay her the modest sum she is asking for."Not paying market value" my butt! She is right, she did not have a yard sale, and the only way she will be able to replace what was STOLEN from her and then pawned off is to buy them at market value!

— Em Singh

This is actually a case of gross negligence on the part of the preservation contractor who re-keyed her house and removed her personal belongings. It doesn't take a genius to tell the difference between an abandoned property and a property currently being occupied. It is standard practice to contact the servicer or mortgage holder and verify the status of the property if it appears occupied or if it is empty but contains a significant amount of personal belongings. Obviously the contractor failed to follow these procedures so he is responsible. However if the bank (or whoever is servicing the mortgage) gave the go-ahead to clean out the property then they are responsible. To clarify, the bank did not "foreclose" on this house, it is still owned by Ms. Barnett. However the preservation contractor (and possibly the bank) are fully responsible for wrongfully taking her property and should be sued.

— Michael Laprarie

If I was the bank manager, I would bend over backwards to take care of this problem, I would replace her belongings and more. I'm sure the bank is insured for things like this should they arise. Not only did she loose her belongings but she lost personal items like photos, letters, cards, etc. these things are irreplaceable. I thing this bank should act quickly and avoid a lawsuit.

— Kris Ackerman

I'm from Australia and now I've read the story. I'm not sure if this stupid bank realises how far these stories spread. I think she should sue, but also the people that took the belongings should be charged as criminals, as they broke in and stole.

— Terry McLoughlin

Wow... The audacity of today's banks and their employees knows no limits. This has absolutely nothing to do with me and I'm outraged beyond belief! My heart goes out to Ms. Barnett in this situation. The American bank systems and corporations need to be made an example of with all their schemings, greed, and glut. Though I'd like to see her get this resolved as painlessly as possible, I hope she takes them for MUCH more with what she's had to unnecessarily endure due to their idiocy and arrogance.

— Kevin Seidel

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