Letters published April 30, 2008

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"Victim Dimora," First Punch, April 23

Same Old Same Old
Will The PD change its tune on Dimora? Finally Jim Dimora is seen for what he really is: a fat-cat politician who has done nothing for the voters. He promises everything at election time, but never produces anything. Ask organized labor how he has turned his back on them.

But people still vote him in. It amazes me how people keep voting for the same old folks — not only in Cuyahoga County, but nationally — and expect different results.

The Plain Dealer is no exception to the same type of "business as usual" when endorsing a candidate. Maybe next election, The Plain Dealer will quit empowering these people and go for someone who is genuine and for the well-being of the people.

Kevin Koelliker

"Justice Maureen O'Connor says campaign money doesn't affect her," March 19, 2008

Cuyahoga Falls Down
From City Hall to the Supreme Court, things look grim to Dems: The excellent article by Denise Grollmus, detailing Blue Cross corruption in the City of Cuyahoga Falls, shows why we need to vote for the presidential candidate who will at least try to provide this country with a national health-care plan.

The putrid stench of corruption rising from the Republican City Hall in Cuyahoga Falls, which Pete Kotz scathingly lampooned in the 2002 Art Modell Awards as "a little slice of Mississippi right here in Ohio," is deplorable. As a longtime Akron resident who moved to Michigan two years ago, I know only too well the heavy responsibility borne by Republicans like O'Connor and Mayor Robart, who have run that state into the ditch.

It is unfortunate Cuyahoga Falls Councilwoman Kathy Hummel, an outspoken Blue Cross critic, didn't receive more assistance from her party in pursuing this matter. But Blue Cross was well known for working both sides of the political aisle.

Ohio has been burdened with Republican hack Maureen O'Connor ever since. As county prosecutor she buried this case and was almost immediately catapulted from obscurity onto the Taft gubernatorial ticket — and then onto the Ohio Supreme Court. What a disgrace.

As a lifelong Democrat, I have grown tired of watching my party shoot itself in the foot. Grollmus' story was a reminder to political bottom-feeders like O'Connor and Robart that Scene, in the words of Jim Carrey, "isn't here to twitch your niblets."

James Berres
Roseville, Michigan

"Peripheral Vision," Art/Stage, April 16

Peripheral Hindsight
Reader sees a visionary theater company: I couldn't disagree more with this reviewer's assessment of Theater Ninjas' production of Peripheral Vision. The script is poignant, providing a universal message with some beautiful moments. I especially loved the "Mass Retailer" scenes and the "Mother" scene, which was uncomfortably close to home for many of us at the show.

The transitions are well staged using great lighting and sound to move the play along. Finally, the acting and character development are superb — most notably Ms. Hargate, whose range of characters goes from absurd to vulnerable.

This is a great effort by this company and a bargain at only $15. Bravo, Ninjas — I look forward to seeing more.

Mary Ellen Mills

Did reviewer go to the wrong address? I really question whether or not the reviewer saw the same show I did. I found Peripheral Visions to be very clever and entertaining. The Theater Ninjas did a great job of creating a show that everyone can relate to. The humor in the show was natural and smart, and the fantastic aspects were quirky, but not unwelcoming. With each show, the Theater Ninjas company impresses me more, and this is their strongest show yet.

Katie Kline

This company's hip (hip hooray): The play is clever, brilliantly convoluted, and ambitious. Three cheers to the Ninjas for challenging their audience with fresh ideas and a multifaceted storyline that does require people to think — and makes them laugh heartily. Well done, Ninjas!!

Willis Pinfold

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