Letters published July 16, 2008

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The Scene-Free Times merger

Gadfly Paper

Sticking it to politicos, our specialty: I am a lover of all things Cleveland. Although I've moved around a bit in life (parent's work, college, job), I consider Cleveland home.

I'm not going to pretend to know the newspaper business. However, I suspect the main reason for the Scene/Free Times merger is financial. That's fine. I get it.

However, it is my sincere hope that when both papers merge into one, they don't forget what's important. You need to keep reporting and bringing to the public's attention the gross incompetence that is the city's leadership. From our city's ward representatives (not all, but most) to our council members to our county commissioners to the mayor's brother to the mayor himself — and to all of the people he's appointed to represent the city — it seems that every time I read you on-line, there is some new level of incompetent action being uncovered.

If the merger of two fine Cleveland publications needs to happen, then unfortunately, today's publishing climate has caught up to you too.

Just keep calling out Cleveland's civic leaders and the "fine" job they do. Clevelanders deserve better. Unfortunately, I see no relief in sight.

Here's to hoping for a new day.

Tony Kosoglov


Food for the soul: I was horrified to learn that Elaine Cicora (Scene's longtime food critic) is leaving. I had just read the merger announcement and was hoping that the inevitable staff changes didn't include her. I read further, and there it was: the bad news that the lady who actually got me reading about and appreciating fine dining will be leaving. I always thought the whole scene was an affectation, until I actually thought about it after getting hooked on her column and came to the conclusion that it is one of the attributes of a decent society.

I hope she will still be on the menu, in some accessible forum. Thanks, Elaine, for the semicivilizing influence you have been on me.

Ted Toothman


Spelling it out for us: This is the happiest day of my life. Hallelujiah [sic], hallelujia [sic], now I know your smugness. I'm praying like a motherfucker for my sole pick of who should be shitcanned. My mouth doesn't water over food, but I'm having a salivary hemmorhage [sic] in anticipation of the creamily delicious prospect of reading the masthead of the new Scene mutation. HAPPY DAY OF RECKONING, FUCKSTAINS!!!!!!!!!!

Michael A. Miller


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How do you spell compassion? Michael Miller, you are an asshat. To wish that anyone's livelihood is taken away from them is a terrible thing, especially in this economy. I hope that employees from both papers are able to find employment where they can.

Dott Schneider

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"His Name is Mud," July 9

Volleyball Heat

For some, a cool head prevails: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! First of all, how are you even a journalist when every fact you came up with was obviously something you pulled out of your ass, and every quote you thought you received was clearly what you wanted to hear and not what was actually said. Secondly, everything you said about Scott was the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. The amount of money he's given to numerous charities over the years is way more than any person can say they've given in a lifetime. Who the hell are you to say he's taking away from charitable organizations, when all he's done is better the cause?

Third: Here you are, pissed off because one person continues to ignore you. Grow the fuck up, and stop acting like a little high-school bitch because the head cheerleader wouldn't give you the time of day. An honorable thing to do would be to actually get both sides of the story, but that whole common-sense thing hasn't hit you yet. When I first read this, I was on the verge of fucking someone at the magazine up, and I really didn't give a shit who it was. It could've been a harmless secretary. I have calmed down a bit, but just know the next time I see some bullshit article about a great man, I will come down and fuck someone up!



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