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Forbes's Fleeting Memory?; Greens Should Thrive at Market; Disturbing the Tombs; Mayor White's Fall From Style; It's Still Free, and It Still Fits

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Forbes's Fleeting Memory?

Jacqueline Marino's article ["Dealer's Choice," June 15] was one of the best, most objective and fair appraisals of what George Forbes represents in the Cleveland community that I have ever read. And yes! George is still one of the biggest liars I ever met, when he told Scene that he doesn't recall ever meeting me. Because he knows very well that we met at Angie's Soul Food Restaurant and other places. In fact, he accused me in the Call & Post of having cussed him out at a political meeting in the old Engineers' Building several years ago.

Like Mayor White, Forbes's legacy will probably go down in history as "a great benefactor of the establishment and a mediocre benefactor of blacks," who helped to put and keep both of them in office. Because neither of them ever created a level playing field for blacks when they had the power to do so.

Bert Jennings
Shaker Heights

Greens Should Thrive at Market

Regarding your piece in the June 15 issue on Greens banned from petitioning at the Open-Air Market [The Edge]: The ACLU intervened on behalf of [the Green Party's] right to petition on public sidewalks. (We heard from members as far-flung as Athens, Ohio, and Toledo.) Ms. [Laura] Noble, director of the Near West Development Corporation, is mistaken on two counts: 1. NWDC's grant funding prevents NWDC from engaging in political activity. It does not set them up to "police" public sidewalks or hold them responsible for the behavior of others; 2. Ms. Noble claimed the permit issued to NWDC for the market gives them control over the sidewalks all summer. Not true.

ACLU sent Ms. Noble a letter to this effect. The Greens should be back gathering signatures today [June 17].

Christine Link
Executive Director,
ACLU of Ohio

Disturbing the Tombs

I enjoyed reading your article "Come Pere and Contrast" [June 1] regarding Pere Ubu and their show at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which I attended. However, your statement that Rocket From the Tombs was "created by Lakewood boy Peter Laughner and Cleveland Heights's David "Crocus Behemoth' Thomas" is incorrect.

As my own memories of the era might be faulted, I will quote the excellent text From the Velvets to the Voidoids by Clinton Heylin (1993, Penguin Books). Heylin states that Rocket From the Tombs was "conceived by Crocus Behemoth (né David Thomas) with Charlie Weiner and Glen "Thunderhand' Hach fulfilling guitar duties, and Tom Foolery (né Clements) on drums." They were primarily a spoof-rock band at the time. Laughner played folk gigs at the Grapes of Wrath (down the street from the Viking, where Rockets played), and after watching them for a while was augmenting them onstage; then he became a member. Heylin accurately states, "With Laughner's recruitment, the element of parody in the Rockets was considerably toned down. A third guitarist, Chris Cuda, was a short-lived addition, before Weiner, Hach, Cuda, and Clements were all dispensed with."

It is a romantic and widespread notion that Rockets was created by Laughner and Thomas, but it is untrue.

Charlie Weiner is a successful comedian, and Glen "Thunderhand" Hach recently died tragically. I believe Tom Clements is also deceased, and I have no idea what has happened to Chris Cuda.

I believe that, in Cleveland, if nowhere else, the roots of one of the world's greatest bands, Pere Ubu, should be remembered accurately.

Kurt Tuckerman
Marshall, Illinois

Mayor White's Fall From Style

Mike Tobin is my new hero. What a great article on Mayor Michael White ["A Question of Style," June 1]. Very accurate and very correct. While Mr. White has certainly contributed vastly to the city of Cleveland, things have changed, as basically no one likes him very much. If he were in second grade, his teacher would be writing a note home saying, "Michael does not play well with others, has a control complex, and must work on his communication skills." His "No Comment" or simply ducking issues has just lost its charm. If you asked him about the IX Center, he would probably go into hiding for weeks.

While he was a very effective mayor, he has now become incredibly ineffective, as he has alienated just about everyone. The City Council thinks he is a major pain in the ass. The citizens of Cleveland don't get straight answers from him in the least. He has pissed off the police department so much, you could probably walk into City Hall with a loaded gun, and a police officer would say, "Just make sure it's a clean shot, and go out the back way." Before he spends about a million taxpayer dollars on the new "Michael White Museum" or hires out a 50-foot marble statue of himself to be placed in Public Square, it is rather time for him to go. He had his time; however, now it's apparent he thinks he is Napoleon -- accountable to no one. Mary Rose, where are you when we need you?

Randy Sindelar Corturillo

It's Still Free, and It Still Fits

For a long time, I've been picking up your paper. I must say that, for years, this paper has been free and could supply its readers with such great information. I love the range -- from films and cover stories to music and concert updates. I enjoy how everything fits into such a great paper. I encourage you to keep up such a great publication for future readers to enjoy.

Meagan Lechner

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