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Letters published June 18, 2003

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What's with the Beacon Journal?:
If Akron Beacon Journal columnist David Giffels merited Scene's designation as the "Worst Columnist" [First Punch, April 2], couldn't an even stronger case be made for anointing one of Giffel's co-workers, Steve Hoffman, as the "Worst Editorial/Political Writer?" Hoffman, possessor of an inexplicably plus-sized ego, is like George Eliot's "cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow."

Hoffman looked the other way as Ohio Supreme Court Justice and former Summit County Prosecutor Maureen O'Connor covered up a Blue Cross scandal in Cuyahoga Falls ["And Justice for Mo," October 23, 2002]. How far was Hoffman's head up Summit County Republican Chairman Alex Arshinkoff's ass on that one? He probably walked around with sphincter stretch marks on his neck for three weeks.

And now we learn [Letters, April 21] that Hoffman and the Beacon Journal extended the news blackout further and gave Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don "I will leave no white person behind" Robart a free pass on taped racist comments he made six years ago. Does anyone detect a pattern here?

Hoffman is more lapdog than watchdog. Had he done his job, neither O'Connor nor Robart would be in office today, polluting the political landscape with their blatant corruption. Hoffman is an embarrassment and has miserably failed this community.

Scene's David Martin ["Mayor for Life," May 21] points out that the Beacon Journal "raised questions about the [Akron Police] department's ability to investigate its own chief" after he allegedly battered his wife. The African American police chief was fair game, but O'Connor and Robart were not?

Hoffman apparently decided that frank reporting of political corruption and racial ugliness in the formidable Arshinkoff money machine was not the business of the Fourth Estate.

To say that Hoffman's credibility has been shattered is to belabor the obvious -- like saying a bottle blonde's carpet doesn't match her drapes. I suggest Hoffman consider this line from Plato's Gorgias: "To do an injustice is more disgraceful than to suffer it."

James Berres

Bullshit hype for Metallica sheep:
I really enjoyed Phil Freeman's review of St. Awful ["Grumpy Old Men," May 28]. I'm glad to finally hear some honesty about this stuff. I've only heard two songs from the CD, but it is quite obvious that the hype was bullshit. What makes this worse is the Metallica sheep who put everything this band does up on a pedestal.

Greg Novotny

Harder and heavier than ever:
Phil Freeman couldn't be more wrong. Metallica is harder and heavier than the past. Freeman should never write another article about shit that he does not know about. In the future, Freeman should keep his nose out of true metal. Go home, pick up Crazy Town, and quit your job.

Chris Trino
New Lenox, IL

Near has-beens aging gracelessly:
Just wanted to compliment Phil Freeman on his excellent review of the new Metallica record. It's sad to see this once-coveted institution of heavy metal being reduced to near has-beens. Other great rock bands were able to age gracefully. Metallica should have followed in Van Halen's footsteps as "the old guys who still kick ass." Unfortunately, I would really rather hear Avril Lavigne sing "Fuel" than any song on St. Anger.

I, too, was surprised that Kirk Hammet did not play a single solo. It exemplified the fact that they have become derivative, rather than innovative. Lars needs to realize that Korn was old news about three years ago. He called Limp Bizkit "the Mötley Crüe of the '90s." I guess that makes his band "the Monkees of the Millennium."

Jacob Montgomery
San Antonio, TX

Take down those negative auras:
"Grumpy Old Men" was very original, but very childish as well. I read Phil Freeman's review on the new Metallica album and came to the conclusion that A) he's an idiot, B) he's a person who's never satisfied with music, and C) he can't back up his smack talk.

As a loyal Metallica fan for many years, it is my duty to take down any negative auras set around their music by people like you. For you to say something along the lines of "Metallica doesn't have it anymore" is rather stupid. You will see, sir, when Metallica crushes your face with the new album and with the new live approach. I really don't understand why people can't just feel the music, instead of analyzing every little nuance of it. Music isn't meant to be criticized; it's meant to be heard and felt.

Joe Mansour

Family fun at the Rock Hall:
My wife and I attended the live broadcast of Norm E. Nite at the Rock Hall. My daughters and I also went to Saturday's celebration of the Ohio bands at the Rock Hall. Both events had a large attendance and were extremely enjoyable.

Jason Bracelin wrote a critical article about the Hall of Fame [Soundbites, May 28], yet neither of these two events was ever mentioned in the magazine. I'm not sure why Scene is so negative about the Hall of Fame.

John Markulin

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