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Letters published July 30, 2003

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Pinching Pennies
Charity begins at City Hall: I want to thank you for writing an article ["Money Pit Park," April 30] about DiLiberto that wasn't afraid to speak the truth. Now, maybe you can find out why it took him three months to release "partial" payment checks to volunteer organizations that are parking cars for the Captains in his city lot. Out of the $4 charged, groups are supposed to receive 50 cents per car that they park. For groups that were doing this for their kids' organizations, receiving payment three months later is three months too late. Oh, and there's an "administrative" fee taken out of the 50 cents, too.

I hope the residents of Eastlake finally wise up and don't vote this ass -- who is just a little too impressed with himself -- into office next time. Maybe our city council should grow some balls and stand up to this guy!

Marie Cook

State of Disgrace
Ohio's no honeymoon for gays: In response to "No Money Down" [July 9]: First of all, Hawaii does not recognize same-sex marriage. After the state's supreme court ruled that Hawaii was violating the state constitution by not recognizing same-sex marriage, voters in the state stampeded to the polls to change the constitution to ban gay marriage.

Second, the most logical places for gay marriage to take hold in the U.S. are places that have border crossings with Canada -- which, as of July 8, grants same-sex marriage.

Completely ignoring the fact that Ohio is 20 years behind the times economically, it's thirty years behind the times sociologically. Look at Cincinnati's race riots: Are we in the late 1960s? Ohio is a northern state that seems to think it's way down south in Dixie, and until that changes, the state will continue to suffer a gay brain drain as some of the best and brightest flee to New York, California, Florida, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and similar destinations.

The state legislature is currently considering "defense of marriage" legislation, wasting lawmakers' time and a great deal of money, since state law already defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. The sad thing is, the mean-spirited, pernicious piece of legislation stands a good chance of passing.

Perhaps what Ohio needs is not gay marriage, but a complete and total brain transplant.

Anthony Glassman

Editor's note: Glassman is correct. Author Pete Kotz erred in stating that Hawaii allows gay marriages.

A complex question: Thought your article was great. I recently moved to Cleveland, and I was concerned that the area would be a little too hokey and down-home. Your article is a fresh idea that, if it could ever become a reality, would honestly be great for the economy and for Cleveland's reputation.

The only thing I don't understand is the inferiority complex that underlies your article (and others) about Cleveland. I grew up in the Detroit area, and recently I took a job here after graduating from an Ivy League law school. I think Cleveland is a great city. I can understand people in Detroit who are down about their city, but after spending time in both downtown areas, I can't understand why Clevelanders don't have more pride.

Great article, though.

Louis Szura
Cleveland Heights

Buggies, yes -- bandwagons, not likely: As a supportive mother of gay and lesbian children, I thoroughly enjoyed your article. My gay son has a serious new boyfriend. So, perhaps we should consider Ohio . . . ? Maybe you could play up the quaint Amish/Mennonite background -- but then, these groups are probably not going to jump on the gay marriage bandwagon.

Sue Null

Arabica Beatdown
Jivin' about java: How did Arabica make best coffeehouse [Best of Cleveland 2002]? It is certainly Cleveland's own Starbucks, but it is not a favorite of Cleveland's true coffee lovers, who only get coffee there due to its convenience. BP has far better coffee than Arabica. I think Cravings in Rocky River is far superior -- obviously Scene overlooked it. Its atmosphere, people-watching, and entertainment have Arabica beat hands down, and people with taste and class know it.

Brandon Vulpitta
Avon Lake

Amen, Brother
It's the thought that counts: Yo, Jimi, after reading your article ["The $640,000 Question," July 16], I see why you didn't call to tell me it was going to be in this week's issue -- because I have about 640,000 names I would like to call you, and none are nice. However, due to my strong belief in God, I won't even call you, but rather may God bless you and have mercy on your soul.

Mark Morant

Get Real
A townful of Shriners 24/7: As we talk about a new convention center to rejuvenate our dying central business district, would it not be more prescient to focus instead on the population vacuum that is our city? The convention center that would attract visitors would provide only a temporary fix to our vacant city. They would probably return home with a distorted view of Cleveland, as our downtown is a shoddy welcome mat for an otherwise beautiful region. Why not refocus our energies on an Immigration Convention Center that would bring permanent conventioneers here and build a real city, with a real downtown, rather than the facade we now sport?

Sam McNulty
Cleveland Heights

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