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Letters published August 13, 2003

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For Shame
No pity for Father McBride: I can't believe anyone would have pity on an old priest who picked up a young boy for sex, took him across state lines, and gave him alcohol ["The Crime of Father McBride," August 6]. I have been a Catholic my whole life, and never in my life have I been so ashamed of that title. How can a church that has spoken out against divorce, abortion, and homosexuality allow what it has allowed? And it is still speaking judgment against others.

The pictures of the three men and the article itself turned my stomach, but I read every word. My compliments to Kevin Hoffman and to Scene.

Mary Ann Alberino
Cuyahoga Falls

Be Fair to Phair
Quitcher bitchin' about Liz: For the first time in a ridiculously long time, I am proud of Scene. Mostly Maya Singer. Her article on Liz Phair made my day ["Departing From Guyville," July 30].

I adore Liz Phair as much as I adore Exile in Guyville. They're two different albums. I'm so tired of all those indier-than-thou types bitching that Liz Phair sold out. They're obviously missing the point. Get over yourselves and your obsessive need to label and pigeonhole. The reason we all fell in love with Liz Phair is the same reason we should love Liz Phair: She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She always hated the indier-than-thou cliché. Get over it. Be a little more open-minded.

I'd also like to point out that no one has bothered to mention the "Come 'n' Get It" EP that is available to fans on the internet when they purchase Liz Phair. It's a really great EP, much like her Girlysounds stuff. In fact, it includes Girlysounds classics like "Hurricane Cindy" and "Conversation Overheard Between Two Bouncers." If the indie-types need something to rage about, they should listen to the EP and then understand.

Kelly Underman

Make Room for Jerry
Congress is full of bad actors: In response to "Why Not Springer?" [May 21]: As the billboard atop my car shows, I'm stumping for Jerry Springer for the Senate. And as the hood of my car says, "The more you know about George Voinovich, Envirotest Systems, the EPA, and Alex Arshinkoff, the better Jerry Springer will look."

As for Jerry's qualifications for the Senate, I shall paraphrase Congressman Fred Grandee: I saw that Congress was all acting, and bad acting at that. Having spent five years on "The Love Boat," he was a Zen master of bad acting. So, if Fred (Gopher) Grandee could be a good congressman, then Jerry Springer will be a good senator.

Ray Crim

(Editor's note: Springer has since decided not to run for the Senate.)

Up with Spitboxing
Run your mouth for fun and profit: That was a great story ["Spitboxing," July 16]. I work with Ricky Streetz, and I told him that he needs to get involved with that event. It got much-needed exposure.

Paul Williams

Too Much Information
The parent trap should stay shut: After reading this article ["From Punk to Parent," July 30], I assume Scene will be flooded with letters either supporting or bashing these people for their alternative lifestyle choices. Though I find it rather disturbing that parents continue to be swingers or strippers after making the choice to be a role model for a young child, that is not my main motivation for writing.

What I disagree with most is that these parents think it's a good idea to reveal their secrets to their children. Don't they think this is a bit much for a child's mind to process? "Jeff" and "Becky" wanted to explain to their 8-year-old that they swing. I learned about the basic "birds and bees" facts around ages 9-10. I don't think I could have handled "Honey, Dad has sex with other men, mom with women," and so on. And Kim and Hunter wanting to tell their 2-year-old that he is a male stripper? Incredible.

What happened to the days when kids could just be kids? They should be watching Spongebob, not seeing pics of their naked Dad hanging by hooks dug into his back.

Carrie Druesedow

Ale Advisory
Another bravura brew in the 'burbs: I know that Sarah Fenske's recent article ["Hop Dreams," July 23] pertained mostly to Cleveland brewpubs that bottle their beer for off-premises consumption. However, from a consumer's perspective, I think you owe it to yourself to visit and sample the offerings at the Rocky River Brewing Co. They have won more awards at the international brewing competitions than Buckeye Brewing. As a consumer who is a big fan of Belgian brews, I would match Rocky River against any other brewery in this area. They also have a menu that surpasses the Great Lakes Brewing Co. Check it out: It's located on Center Ridge Road, west of Westgate Mall.

Warren Rogers

Third-Party Thanks
Light shed on a dark horse: I'm a Libertarian, and I just read Sarah Fenske's article on Gary Nolan ["The Very Dark Horse," April 30]. I actually support another Libertarian presidential candidate, but it's always nice to see some fair, thoughtful attention to any Libertarian candidates in the press.

Great article! Thanks for the good work.

Jon Engstrom

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