Lies, distortion, and Ohio's Senate race

It is ludicrous that Sherrod Brown would consider distorting Mike DeWine's congressional attendance record when he himself has been AWOL from the congress at a disturbing rate. Since being elected to the House in 1993, Brown has missed 316 roll call votes as compared with Mike DeWine who has only missed 10 since 1995. Brown, who served on the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the House Committee on International Relations, missed 92 percent of subcommittee meetings on North Korea over the last nine years. It was during this time that North Korea reinstated their nuclear weapons program. Missing a few votes is understandable but a 92 percent rate of attendance is negligent. Brown has missed votes on other key pieces of legislation including the 2000 Older Americans Act which authorized funds for programs that would help seniors stay in their homes as they age. It also included funding for Meals on Wheels and financial support for those who care for seniors. Brown also missed the vote on passage of the Export Enhancement Act of 1999 which provided trade protection to U.S. Manufacturers while helping them increase export sales. The public is smart enough to see that Sherrod Brown has no option but to take the focus off of his own blemished record. With such a dismal attendance record in the House, why should we doubt he will go AWOL while serving in the Senate? Michael Lisi Avon Lake
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