Life Lessons from the Police Blotter: Do Too Much, Might See Dead People

Hes alive, dont worry.
  • He's alive, don't worry.

Sumtimz wen youf had some tooo much you see stufff that iznt therr.

Ink that koan into the side of this news story, which comes out of Westlake thanks to that community's Patch outfit.

According to police, a household on Clauge Road was rudely awaken in the middle of the night on November 30. The frantic 20-year-old at the door said he'd just seen the dead body of his buddy in a nearby backyard.

When police arrived on the scene they concluded that, yup, this guy's wasted, and booked him on underage consumption and disorderly conduct. They also didn't find a body, at least not a dead one.

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