Life Without Fulwood: Day 14

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Cleveland has suffered many losses as of late. First, there was the untimely passing of Gerald Levert. Then, before the tears dried, blues icon Robert Lockwood Jr. died. Now, add a third prominent voice to the list of the silenced: Sam Fulwood III has not written a column in 14 days. The Trey is not dead, and he has not been fired. He's simply been on vacation. Apparently, his newsroom researcher Cheryl has also been given the time off, because she has not written any of Fulwood's columns either. With Fulwood's absence, readers have been forced to draw their own conclusions about such pressing topics as the pangs of growing old and watching coworkers take buyouts. There has also been a decided lack of news about the contents of Sam Fulwood's voicemail box. As the old adage goes, "A day without Fulwood is like a day without some really sweet unintentional self-parody." Please, Sam, don't make us change the name of this blog to the O'Brien Watch .

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