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When Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Hagan backed a the plan to build the MedMart at the old convention center site, essentially turning his back on Forest City's Sam Miller and the Ratners, who donate generously to his campaigns, it was a power shift of epic proportions. Even Fred "The Fixer" Nance was out of the loop on this one. But Sam Miller is not used to hearing the word no, and since then, his buddy Susan Goldberg's newspaper, The Plain Dealer, has allowed Forest City to appeal the decision in public. Last Thursday, Forest City execs met with PD editors and writers to announce that they have suddenly discovered a way to shave $130 million off the cost of building the MedMart at Tower City. MMPI, the company that appointed to build and run the MedMart, is said to be "suspicious" of Forest City's new math. Clearly, these Chicago mooks don't know how things are done around here.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership hopes to spice things up at their annual meeting this Thursday, so they've put together a small play for attendees. According to a casting-call memo, the GCP is seeking actors to portray such Cleveland "notables" as Tom Johnson (former mayor), Marcus Hanna (businessman) and Ella Grant Wilson (author). Because nothing says entertainment quite like community-theater actors portraying historical figures we've never heard of. Seriously, wake us up when you get to the skit about Pat O'Malley, Bill Mason, Scruff McGruff and the jar of peanut butter.

Congratulations on your just-announced retirement, Bratenahl Police Chief Paul Falzone! If the heroin, cocaine, cash, and guns that went missing from your department's evidence room have anything to do with your going-away party, count us in!

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