Lorain Student Arrested for Threatening Mitt Romney


Here at Scene we're always open to the occasion hatchet-job, smear, and/or humiliating dig at a public figure. But, hey now, there is a limit to these things. Physical violence is something we'd never advocate; once you get all belligerent in a potentially felonious fashion, shit gets real. A local college student is learning that the hard way.

Police showed up at Lorain County Community College on Monday looking for 19-year-old Shaquille Brown. He came to the notice of authorities after a teacher reported an off-handed and boneheaded threat Brown dropped in class, according to Newsnet5.

According to the professor's account in the police report, Brown blurted out while working in a group, "can we leave, because Romney is in town and I want to go shoot him."

The professor then said she told Brown she was stunned by the comment and that she had to report him to campus security.

Joke? Serious threat? When police arrived, Brown seemed pretty surprised, offering this as a defense: “I didn't even have a gun to do it.” We're guessing he was just playing, probably couldn't handle another moment of the endless flip-flopping bullshit stream that's been gushing from the Republican presidential candidate since his murder-boner for elected office first manifested itself around age nine. But that doesn't really occasion a threat of violence.

Elyria police took Brown into custody. The Secret Service sent an agent to interview the suspect. Mitt Romney continues to be high-def advertisement for everything that's wrong with America politics.

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