Man Assaults Pregnant Girlfriend and Her Puppy


John Norris is what highly trained experts like to call a Class A Scumbug. Scientific term. Look it up.

Police say that Norris, a 29-year-old from Canton, put himself in running for Boyfriend of the Year this week. According to Fox 8, Norris went above and beyond the call of derelict duty, opting not only to assault his pregnant girlfriend, but her puppy, too.

Before this gem of possible husband material could lay hands on his baby momma, he first went after the dog, picking the pup up by the legs and punching it in the head. Then the sicko moved on to the woman, holding a knife to her stomach, which probably ensures he'll never receive a Father's Day cards in the future. Norris then beat her up pretty good, eventually stopping, probably because there was no cat to shoot.

He's in jail and being held on $95,000 cash bond.

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