Man Chokes Goose, Starts Fight

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Want a piece of me, asshole?
  • Want a piece of me, asshole?

And this isn't some trip into masturbation euphemism land. This isn't wrestling the purple-headed yogurt slinger or choking the chicken. It's literal: who actually chokes a goose?

The Sandusky Register has a strange tale this morning that definitely involves a man fighting one of the long-necked poop machines that hang out near water. The question, as always, is whether the goose deserved it.

Scene: Lee Corrick comes upon Isaac Sloan. Feathers are flying. Necks are being wrung.

Lee Corrick, 21, told police he was walking his dog at about 10 p.m. when near Shoreline Park.

That’s when he looked over and spotted a stranger, identified as Sloan, throwing rocks at geese. One of the fowl hissed at the stranger.

“Lee stated the male picked up that goose and began choking it,” a Sandusky police report said. “Lee shouted at the male and asked him to stop attacking the goose.”

The Sloan diverted his attention to Corrick and shouted “you want to fight,” Corrick told police.

Sloan then allegedly threw a punch at Corrick that missed, a report said. Sloan charged again and the pair began fighting.

Sloan, who cops say was drunk, tells a different tale. He claims the geese — a WHOLE flock of them — dive-bombed him and were aggressive. He was just defending himself. And it was Corrick, not him, who initiated the fisticuffs.

As believable as that version of events was to cops, it actually wasn't so much, and they arrested Sloan. The Goose Choker.

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