Man Slaps Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend While She Braids His Hair


Charles Osei just wanted his hair did. His dome, balded to a lovely crescent moon shape, was in need of some love and care. And there was only one person who knew how to properly tame those remaining locks into handsome braids: his ex-girlfriend, who happened to be pregnant with his child.

No biggie. The two were on decent terms, at least decent enough that he could stop by her house and she could work her magic. So the 26-year-old Osei dropped by and his ex went to work. And things were fine, until he asked if she had any male friends coming over that night. This led to an argument, as discussions with jealous exes tend to do, and the former paramour asked Osei to leave.

But the braids weren't done yet, Osie was upset, and according to the Akron Beacon Journal, he slapped her. Osei was taken in on charges of domestic violence, and worse, as you can see from his mugshot, never got the braids he had stopped by for in the first place.

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