Man Sues Four Loko Because He Wandered Into Traffic After Drinking Four Loko

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Four Loko was nothing to fool around with back in the day. Syrupy, sure, but stuffed to the brim with enough caffeine and booze to get you drunk and wide awake and ready for some more caffeine and booze later on. It was dangerous enough that Ohio and the government went after its manufacturer to reformulate the devilish concoction without the caffeine so, ya know, it wasn't so dangerous.

Though the caffeinated version hasn't been on shelves in some time, Four Loko Version 1.0 is still in the news. Evidence: this central Ohio gentleman who's suing Four Loko's maker because there was this one time September 2010 that he got Loko'd enough to walk into traffic. He was hit by a car, and it was serious.

Via the Dispatch:

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