Marcy Kaptur Ad Compares Kucinich to LeBron, Art Modell; Doesn't Make Much Sense


The battle between Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich has jumped straight into little brother and sister, "Mommmmm!!! Look what Marcy did!" territory, which isn't all that productive, but hey, at least it's occasionally entertaining.

For instance, Kaptur's new ad which compares Kucinich and his flirtations with moving away from Cleveland — to Seattle, to Zimbabwe, to Jupiter — to LeBron and Art Modell, the duel kings of the Shit on Cleveland Fan Club.

The ad doesn't make a whole bunch of sense, but hey! — Dennis! is like LeBron — that's campaign ad gold if we ever saw it. Villains! Bad guys! They're going to leave you! Exclamation points!!

That doesn't, however, improve this faulty logic — If Dennis! wins, Dennis! leaves. If Marcy! wins, Dennis! leaves?!?!?! Wouldn't Dennis! prefer to stay? Whatever.

Click on over to this link to listen to the ad.

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