Maybe Don't Ever Eat at the McDonald's by the Cleveland Clinic

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The Cleveland Department of Public Health is today conducting yet another inspection of the McDonald's at 8210 Euclid Ave. near the Cleveland Clinic. It is doing so after a string of previous inspections found a litany of violations, almost all of them concerning a rodent infestation, including one report that noted an exterminator had recently found and extracted 40 mice (presumably trapped and killed) from the restaurant.


And that's just one incident.

Cleveland 19 reports that CDPH has visited the location eight times since September, and those 40 mice were not an aberration.


Other findings from CDPH visits:

Dec. 6: Presence of live insects, rodents and other pests. Observed mice droppings by soda machine and ice cream machine.
Oct. 31: Equipment, food and contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Clean all food contact surfaces due to possible rodent traffic.
Oct. 31: Presence of live insects, rodents and other pests. Observed mice feces behind soda machine, in the lobby, the men’s restroom and on storage racks. Styrofoam material seen in spots throughout operation provide evidence of possible nesting.
Sept. 26: Presence of live insects, rodents and other pests. Observed rodents have eaten though McMuffin breading. Exterminate pest immediately.
The franchise owner told 19, "Our number one priority is always the health and safety of our customers and employees. My organization is taking this situation very seriously, including action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again as well as working with a third party pest control vendor to address the issue at hand immediately,"

If that's not enough to steer you away, let's check in with some recent Yelp reviews [sic] to gauge the customer service you might enjoy should you choose to patronize this McDonald's/Rodent Playground.

The we're out of hot cakes, they needed exact change because they didn't have change to give. I heard them say they ran out of quarter pounders and jelly . They had no sugar and my coffee came with no milk, not that they asked. 
As we enter the location it was empty with no customers. The time was just a little after 7am. We walked up to order our food and we were told they only had Biscuits and Bagels as an option for breakfast sandwiches. My husband and I ordered biscuit sandwiches. Someone came out and said they only had ONE biscuit left. 
Well then. Let's keep going.

I went there for lunch waited 20 minutes to get get my food from drive thru. Then when i get to the window to get my food I took my food and then the girl says don't say thank you and then as I am driving away i was called a hoe 4 different times. 
Well, that's not good.

One more:

I usually order there from uber eats Bc I work at Cleveland clinic. Literally every time I order, SOMETHING comes to me WRONG!!! Either my fries are soggy and cold (mind you, it's like a 3 minutes walk from here to there! So the fact the food is in a car is ridiculous)..I'll order coke they'll send me Sprite! I'll order a sauce for my nuggets and get no sauce OR nuggets! I just ordered a bacon ranch salad for my lunch and I get the salad..the lid is off in the bag and they gave me a damn SOUTHWEST!!!
Give us mice, give us rude comments, give us pee-filled bathrooms, give us long wait times at the drive-thru, and we might forgive you. But depriving us of bacon ranch while giving us the damn SOUTHWEST!!! You sir, have crossed a line.
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