Maybe God Took a Day Off?

Letters published December 20, 2001

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The other side of the 9-11 debate:

I was caught off guard when reading the letter written by a Mr. Mark DeForest titled "God Had a Busy Day" [November 22]. The letter [a response to Derf's comic "The City," October 18] made me ask the question "Why would Scene print such bullshit?" This letter is illogical, offensive, and basically a pile of crap. Where to begin? How about the mere idea that Mark DeForest is actually telling me what a fictitious, omnipotent deity is doing on any given day?

Suppose there is a spaceman named "God" who somehow created everything and yet still gives a shit about the lives of humans. How the hell would Mark DeForest even begin to comprehend the actions of the almighty Creator of the Universe? I hate to rain on Mark's Christian parade, but there is absolutely no way any mortal could ever know what "God" is thinking or doing.

Mark has the audacity to explain how "God" impeded Americans from going to work or catching flights. It was "God" appearing in their Apple Jacks that morning, saying, "Don't leave the house." And I'm so happy that "God" calmed the passengers who were allowed to die in a horrific manner. Yes, "God" was pretty damn busy concentrating on calming people doomed to die, rather than saving their lives.

It's also totally awesome how Mark DeForest notes that "only 20,000 people were at the tower when the first plane hit." Only 20,000 people, eh? Is it just me, or did this "God" fail at whatever stupid obstacles he or she was planting in New York? So, "God" saved some people, yet allowed half to die, and I'm supposed to buy this "God was working overtime" crap?

"God" isn't finished, though, claims Mark. This is pretty obvious, what with the outbreak of anthrax. Is God messing up addresses so people don't receive their mail? Mark DeForest is a complete moron who has nothing important to say, and I have come to expect more from Scene than this.

Rick Vodicka
North Royalton

When the Lord sneezes:

I found Mark DeForest's defense of God pretty interesting. God kept people off the planes that the terrorists used? So it was God who was behind the shitty airline service? God held up the buildings long enough for the people to escape? What, did he sneeze when the firemen and police were trapped in them? Maybe God was bored, or realized he wasted a few hours from his real job of hating gays, Jews, agnostics, wiccans, atheists, Catholics, Muslims, people who drink, people who go to drugstores on Sundays, people who have sex without being married, people who aren't baptized, leftists, humanists, people who use the Bible as a doorstop . . .

This is the 21st century, not the 11th. Why do people still need God to rationalize bad things that happen?

Jim Thomas

Take interest in your own interests:

Thank you to Martin Kuz for "Is It Safe?" [November 22]. As a River Valley Schools graduate and the parent of a former student, I can tell you firsthand that the Army Corps of Engineers will not be looking out for the best interests of the public, but rather the best way to protect itself. We were assured that River Valley was safe before testing even began, and the assurances continue to this day, despite the fact that over half of the school grounds are contaminated with military toxic waste and a leukemia cluster has been proved to exist among past graduates.

The Army Corps, as well as the Ohio EPA, have been caught again and again being less than diligent in their efforts to characterize the extent of the problems. I urge the community and politicians to be vigilant throughout the investigation. No one but you will be looking out for your best interests.

Jodi Griffith

Ohio has a "lock" on the system:

Your cover article "Plaid Skirt Welfare" [November 29], about school funding, is balanced to a good measure, but let me provide additional wisdom. The task of educating today's inner-city youth is enormous, so public educators should welcome other schools' help in educating those who often have pathological problems. Countless faith-based schools are better able to address these children and their parents with greater discipline and more individual interest, while at the same time insisting on sound self-control.

Contrary to the diatribes from Cleveland union head Richard DeColibus -- who doesn't live in the district -- alternative schools are better able to address parent needs. Countless teachers are able to afford suburban schools and, like DeColibus, wouldn't consider the system that pays them well for their own children.

Maybe we should "outsource" all students and give their parents options. Offer parents the state amount of $4,500 and see how many would leap at it. (Quite a savings, considering that Cleveland spends over $10,000 per student.) We can't afford education in Ohio because of the "lock" the system has. Deregulate public-funded education.

Charles Byrne,
Former local and state school board member
Cleveland Heights

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