Maybe Yoga Can Help the Tribe Beat Boston

As regular noontime students at the downtown Karma Yoga studio stumbled out of class Friday, they encountered something most of them have never before seen in the studio: men. Lots of them. Recounts one witness: "They were amazingly hot." Curious, they decided to investigate (by which we mean ogle). That’s when they came across a carefully held state secret. Turns out the Cleveland Indians are engaging in – gasp! -- secret yoga sessions. The men piling into the studio were actually part of the Tribe’s minor league system, there for a mandatory yoga session, which they didn’t seem very happy about. A few looked perturbed by all the accoutrements – like incense, meditation cushions, and straps that look a little like a dominatrix whip. “Is this going to hurt?” one bulky type asked worriedly. “No,” one of the kind-hearted students said, lying. The players didn’t look convinced. “Is Mark Shapiro here?” instructor Deanna Black asked one of the players. “No, but I’d like to see him on the mat,” the player joked. To which Black replied, “Oh, he’s actually a client of mine.” That seemed to shut the players up. –Rebecca Meiser
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