Mayor Martyr

Letters published December 3, 2003

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Mayor Martyr
Cain's loss may be Lakewood's gain: Just want to congratulate Pete Kotz on the best analysis I've yet read about outgoing Lakewood Mayor Madeline Cain and how she went wrong ["Cain Mutiny," November 19].

I once worked for Madeline at City Hall. Prior to that, I had voted for her, advised her as a volunteer, and took a pay cut to go to work for her. Less than a year later, I resigned my community relations post, disillusioned by her misplaced priorities. Over the years I've observed that Mayor Cain was her own worst enemy, which is too bad, because she had some good qualities. Too bad also for Lakewood . . . eight years of potential, lost.

Now, if only The PD and Free Times would get real, stop their apologetics on her behalf, and instead call it like it is -- call it the way you have. What we're witnessing now are bogus excuses from a self-martyred politician on her way out as well as from the media, who can't let go of their endorsements.

Steve Fitzgerald

The voice of the people: I have not been a Lakewood resident since 1995, but my best friends live in Lakewood, so I have been vicariously living through everything, from the fate of their beautiful "blighted" home to concerns about flying a Gay Pride flag over City Hall.

The article Pete Kotz wrote is just plain kick-ass excellent! He said so eloquently all the things that we have been discussing around the firepot, in neighbors' yards, and at local watering holes. It is humorous and candid and just the honest-to-God truth. Quality bullshit: I love it! I am going to start picking up Scene every week again. Thanks for the excellent writing!

Jeannie Sowers

A working stiff weighs in: Thank you, Pete Kotz, for a very factual article. If you thought that Lakewood residents were the only victims of Cain's arrogance, you should have been an employee!

After numerous requests to meet with her about my own concerns over the years, I left, one year before retirement. More recently, she threatened a firefighter's future, because of his support for Tom George. Not one labor union endorsed Ms. Cain. I can assure you that the new mayor, Thomas George, will treat residents, employees, and even reporters with dignity and respect.

Pat Duchon

Raising Cain -- the next step: Great writing. Seems like you cut through all the noise very well. The "dumbest consultant in America" line had me laughing out loud. It will be interesting to see what Ms. Cain does next. Consulting, maybe?

Dave Dalton

Urban Fare
Menu of changes for downtown: Kudos to Elaine Cicora for another job well done -- not only for doing great review/analysis of restaurants, but tying into larger questions of urban development and Cleveland's future ["Up With Downtown," November 12]. She correctly identified most of the major impediments to a successful downtown-dining industry. The parking issue is particularly vexing.

When you look at the totality of her suggestions, you basically have a proposal for a whole urban-redevelopment strategy. Many of the suggestions are applicable not just to the dining industry, but to a thriving downtown in general. It's very exciting to see these ideas in print -- there aren't enough people in Cleveland pushing for a new urbanism.

A side note: Although normally I hate chain restaurants, I did try out Cheesecake Factory. They have really great burgers. But $2.25 for black coffee is ridiculous.

Stephen Gross
Cleveland Heights

The pen is mightier than the fork: A friend mentioned that Scene would help me learn more about Cleveland-area restaurants. Just want to offer Elaine Cicora a "Well done!" for her excellent website content and terrific restaurant reviews. Her talent with the pen is obvious, in her ability to describe menu offerings and evaluate everything from service to decor and ambiance. Keep up the good work!

Jeff Rassie
Rocky River

Mash Note
Up-front thanks from backyard wrestlers: I just wanted to thank Scene for the piece "Try This at Home" [November 5] on Josh and me. I think, of all the people we've dealt with in the media, writer Erich Burnett understood us and our situation more than anyone has. I really enjoyed the article and the positive outlook Burnett gave our lives and work. It was great to work with him, and thanks again.

Matt Capiccioni

Lonely Vigil
Prayers for a lost daughter: It breaks my heart to know that this mother is in such pain and her daughter may never come back to her again ["Missing Amanda," November 12]. I would like my blessing to go out to Louwana Miller, and let her know that there are caring people out there in this world and she is not alone. I too have a daughter around Amanda's age and would not know how I would react, if this were my daughter. I only know none of it would be good.

Thank you for keeping the story alive.

Yolanda Jones

Supervise Summit
And find out where the bodies are buried: I just finished reading "House of Horrors" [October 22]. As someone who works for the betterment of animal care, I was appalled! When people turn in an animal to a shelter, they assume it will be cared for until a home can be found or until the animal is humanely euthanized.

In my state, animal cruelty was recently made a felony. This is animal cruelty, and the employees responsible for these acts need to be held accountable. If animal cruelty and neglect are not felony offenses in Ohio, then they need to be made so. Sadly, in many communities, punishment for animal cruelty and neglect is no more than a slap on the wrist.

These animals never chose to be in the situation they are -- human beings decided it. Animal abuse is especially horrid when it takes place at the hands of those entrusted to saving them from bad situations.

I am also concerned about what happened to all the corpses that these subhumans so needlessly created.

Karen Peak
Woodbridge, VA

Hard to read, harder to believe: "House of Horrors" exposed the Summit County Animal Shelter's cruel practices and management technique, which were nothing less than frightening. I am absolutely appalled by what I read in this article and found the stories from former employees deeply disturbing. The article brought me to tears, and I found it very difficult to get through the entire story.

I find it astounding that director Glenn James was even allowed to manage the shelter. His practices are absolutely deplorable and borderline sadistic. Unfortunately, it appears that this lunatic is operating under absolutely no supervision. If this story is further exposed in the media, I'm sure action can be taken to remove James from his position. The eyewitness accounts were so upsetting, I found myself wondering: How could these people just sit and watch this go on? It makes me wonder about some of them as well.

I believe there is power in numbers, and if enough people, organizations, and media outlets become involved in this story, changes will happen. We cannot sit back and let this continue any longer.

Lynda Czika

The truth should ring in other forums: After reading Aina Hunter's article, I am extremely concerned. If there rings any truth in the article, why is it only published in a local magazine and not a more widespread forum? It doesn't appear to me that the way the Summit County Animal Shelter is treating the animals is humane. There are animal shelters that are no-kill that may be able to care for these animals, so that the organization won't have the opportunities to kill these innocent animals.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help stop the abuse of those animals.

Yvonne Workman
Broadview Heights

Editor's note: You can register complaints with Summit County Executive James McCarthy by calling 330-643-2627. For information on how you can support animal welfare, go to .

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