Medical Marijuana Group Continues to Collect Signatures for Ballot

These guys would sign it.
  • These guys would sign it.

Peter B. Lewis, noted billionaire and ganja enthusiast, isn’t alone in his desire to see the voting populace decide whether medical marijuana should be legal in the great Buckeye State.

A new group went public last week with plans to get the issue on Ohio ballots. A “core group of patients” (cough, cough) wants to legalize purchases of up to 3.5 ounces of the green stuff and growing up to 12 plants for “personal use.” They call it the “Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment.”

The group’s first task was to amass the 1,000 signatures needed to earn a read-through of the proposal from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. This did not go as planned.

Of the 2,143 signatures submitted to DeWine, only 534 were deemed valid. The remaining Cheetos-stained pages were bounced over a technicality.

Group spokesman Ryan Maitland says it takes only a couple weekends to collect the needed signatures. He expects to have to do it four or more times before the group earns DeWine’s approval.

Besides, they’ve still got some time to burn: The desired legislation won’t hit any ballots before 2012.

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