Melt's Grilled Cheese Challenge Lands on "This is Why You're Fat"

This is why youre happy to be fat.
  • This is why you're happy to be fat.

Already chronicled on a soon-to-air episode of Man vs. Food, already attempted by a Scene staffer, Melt's monstrous grilled cheese challenge has some more press, landing on everyone's favorite food-porn meme blog, This is Why You're Fat.

Remember, it's almost five pounds of cheese, bread, fries and slaw. And you have to sit, with no bathroom breaks or help, and finish it solo. Daunting, scary, nauseating, motivating.

If you wonder what sort of person has tried the challenge and finished the beast, make sure you check out Melt's gallery of champions. You'd be surprised by some, and utterly not surprised by others.

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