Michigan Recruit Who Burned Ohio State Offer Letter Received Death Threats

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Logan Tuley-Tillman: punk kid or honorable hero? We can probably guess your answer based on the color of the beer koozies in your trunk.

Just as a recap, Tuley-Tillman is the Illinois high school football standout heading to Michigan who also happened to get a scholarship offer from OSU – a letter he burned before the masses on Twitter.

Sure, torching the offer letter and broadcasting the evidence was juvenile, a fratty chest thump to the rest of the Go Blue nation. But, this being Michigan and Ohio State, Tuley-Tillman's move was obviously freighted with a nuclear payload of piss and bile. When the pic hit Twitter, he was bombarded with assaults from all sides by a character straight from the pages of Scene: The Buck Nut. According to Yahoo Sports, he even got death threats.

This is probably as good a place as any to say that – yes of course – not all fans of The Ohio State University are front lobe-stunted knuckle draggers who somehow connect A to B and concluded they have every right to bitch about the life decision of a 17-year-old kid. We know most OSU fans are good folks. In fact, we consider ourselves a member of the tribe.

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