Mike Brown Isn't Mad at Dan Gilbert, and How He Got All Those Eyeglasses

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Former Cavs and current Lakers head coach Mike Brown talked with Esquire about a wide range of topics in this month's issue. Included in the brief interview: how he feels about being whacked by Dan Gilbert and how the hell he came to be the eyeglass king of the NBA. No, sadly, he did not talk about LeBron.

On being fired:

Oh, yeah. I can tell you what I learned being fired from the Cavs. That this is a business. And that you treat it and respect it as a business.

On Dan Gilbert:

I'm more than okay with Dan Gilbert. We've exchanged texts and e-mails and I'm sure we'll sit down and yak it up in the future. It's not personal. People are trying to make decisions they feel are best for them.

On the eyeglasses:

When I started coaching in Cleveland, I got this letter. It was straight to the point. "Coach Brown, you don't know me, but I work with eyewear. Your glasses are too small and they make you look like you have a big, fat head.. I'd be able to fit you with some glasses that make your head look normal." I called right away. I'm embarrassed to tell anyone how many pairs of eyeglasses I've got now.

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