Mike Dolan, Mike White, and the Terminator, Together in Cyberspace

Someone out there must really hate Mike Dolan, the former Cleveland City Councilman and current executive director of the Ohio Lottery Commission. A new video making the rounds on the web shows talking heads Dolan and former Mayor Mike White having a heated discussion. Their lips are moving, but it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice that comes out. Apparently, the creator of the video is trying to show that the two Mikes — one of whom is widely believed to havesold city contracts like Beanie Babies at a flea market — have a lot in common. Typical lines include: White: “What do you want from me? Dolan: “Money.” Near the end, White says ominously, “One of us is in deep trouble,” and you get the feeling it’s not him. We have no idea what this means. But if you want to see more bizarre videos about Dolan, click here. -- Lisa Rab
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