Mike Trivisonno Thinks Cleveland Sports Talk Stations Suck

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Last Thursday's installment of the Triv show featured Cleveland's most perfectly coiffed-voice venting about the status of sports talk radio.

Specifically, WKNR and 92.3 The Fan.

"They're so stupid it's unbelievable."

That's how it starts. It rolls along for another ten solid minutes with shots at Tony Rizzo — "They still sell $50 commercials, Rizzo runs around saying how important he is, but can't get $60 for a spot." — Chuck Booms — "Chuck Booms doesn't know what day it is, let alone who the Browns should draft." — and more.

Audio is embedded below. You'll want to fast forward ahead to the 6:00 mark, which is when the sports talk station stuff starts. It lasts until about the 17:00 mile marker.

Other highlights:

"One of them is going to die. There's not enough audience for both, especially with me on the dial."

"They're showboating — spreading false information. Trying to compete. They both stink."

"If they were any good, they'd work here and make good money. I probably make more money than the entire WKNR staff combined. "

"They're idiots. You tell them Triv said so."

"If you put their ratings together, they don't equal mine."

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