Monday & Meyer: Reunited (and it feels so good)

Buried inside the Arts and Life section of Saturday's Plain Dealer was a few paragraphs about WKYC investigative sleuth Carl Monday, who apparently has jumped ship for rival station WOIO. Why this wasn't front-page news I have no idea. It just might change the world. At Action 19, Monday will no longer be beholden WKYC's stringent reporting standards, which are often compared to that of my high school newspaper, The Misprint. Such strict rules make reporting difficult, because you can only make stuff up when Mr. Melton is having one of his nervous breakdowns. Monday will be liberated at 19, which misplaced its standards years ago and never bothered to go looking for them. (Hence special reports like tonight's, "Are the Browns for sale," wherein the channel will no doubt confirm that, no, the Browns are not for sale.) The move also reunites Monday with former I-Team partner Tom Meyer, the most investigative investigator in the land. While Monday made his name cracking down on kids who whack it in the library (see above), Meyer took down an even bigger fish last year when he found city councilman Zach Reid getting drunk downtown. Although anyone who ever accidentally stepped into a bar downtown has made the very same discovery, Meyer did it with grainy hidden cameras, which makes it Emmy-worthy. So illegal parkers and jaywalkers beware: the I-team is back, and you're officially on notice. — Joe P. Tone
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