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Letters published June 21, 2006

The Pee Wee precedent: I feel I should speak in defense of Carl Monday [First Punch, June 7]. Mike Cooper did not have to do the interview. He was stupid enough to do it after Carl Monday caught him.

Let's face it: Mike Cooper is a disgusting pervert! There were children within feet of him! If you are going to do that, do it at home. Pee Wee Herman did that same thing in a porn theater where there were not any children around, and his career was ruined. I praise Carl Monday for bringing this to the public's attention and can only hope Mike Cooper gets the punishment he deserves.

Steve Gockowski

Knowledge is the real threat: A simple word to all: Do you really think masturbation is the worst thing happening in a public library? I mean, there are people reading about socialism and herpes . . . in public! Quick: Cover the childrens' eyes! Creepy guys are everywhere, but the library is far more dangerous, with all its information and free internet.

Becca Gulley

Geography Lesson
Paris is over there:
Your article ["Behind the Scenes at Fashion Week, Cleveland-Style," June 7] was hilarious. I have never laughed out loud at Scene before. Who the hell do these people think they are? This is Cleveland. Bar slut meets Paris? Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Trisha Farrelly
Ohio City

Osama Bombs
Campaign's not helping:
I am appalled at the use of Osama bin Laden -- a terrorist and mass murderer -- in connection with our city ["Believe in Cleveland," June 7]. It reflects a negative image of Cleveland. You, sir, are no Clevelander.

Peter Lupica

All-Time Funniest
Read it and leak:
Chris Ward's review for The DaVinci Code videogame [Game On, May 31] was the best thing I have read in my entire life. It was so funny in its brutal honesty, I had to try not to pee my pants. I cut it out to bring home to my boyfriend, who became sick with laughter.

Bravo. Members of the videogame world needs to know this kind of information before they shell out 40 bucks.

Sarah Babcock
Berkeley, California

20 Lashes
Star forgot to thank the little people:
I just read your article on Rob Thomas ["Man in a Box," June 7], and I believe there was a major Cleveland connection omitted.

The lead guitarist for Rob Thomas' solo band is none other than Cleveland native Frank Romano. Frank is a fantastic guitarist, producer, and writer. He has created musical landscapes for numerous performers, including Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Mario, and Rob Thomas. Before his latest stint, Frank played guitar for Bootsy Collins, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, and P. Diddy. A pretty damned good pedigree, wouldn't you say?

I always get a little miffed when I read about a "star" performer and that "star" has no idea what his support players have accomplished. I am not trying to shoot the messenger, but I hate to read that "Thomas says that the solo shows have a unique character just because he's not performing with an established and successful band."

What a lame-ass comment! If I remember correctly, neither he nor any of his Matchbox 20 bandmates did anything close to memorable before they hit it big with Matchbox 20.

Even though I have always appreciated Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty, I'd place my money on Frank Romano and his "unestablished" bandmates any day of the week.

Gerard Dominick

Fan Fave
Local band makes good and loud:
Great review of To Live Is to Die [Regional Beat, June 7] -- an awesome band full of talent!

I have seen it at Peabody's several times. It kicks the pants off tons of other metal bands. The lead singer has a hell of a stage presence and should not be disregarded so quickly. Do yourself a favor: Go see it live.

Amy Will

Horse's Mouth
Familiarity breeds contempt:
It's really too bad what happened to Raia ["Stripped Off," May 31]. It's a bit ridiculous for these girls to be handing someone hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get some tatted-up loser out of jail. They should know better than to just hand their hard-earned dollars to someone they don't know, with only a stranger's word that they'll get it back.

Of course, that's the way strippers are. The money's dirty to begin with. The faster they can get rid of it, the better. That's why many make a lot of money, yet never seem to have any.

But that sociopath Blaine will get what he deserves. In the meantime, my sympathies go to Raia and her child. Tell her to forget that loser, take up martial arts, go to community college, get a real job, and focus on raising her kid. With any luck, her daughter will have some self-respect, independence, and the discipline not to work in sleazy clubs that attract the likes of Blaine.

Survival of the fittest didn't die with Darwin. Oh, by the way: How much for a lap dance?

Mat Cocktosten

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